Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Investing

Beginner's Guide to Real Estate InvestingClick Image To Visit SiteYou have probably heard all the hype about making BIG $ with Real Estate Investing. Everywhere you look there is another ‘system’ to buy, a ‘program’ to set up, or expensive Seminar to ‘enroll’ in. Most of these ‘Get Rich Quick’ money themes are confusing, overwhelming, time-consuming, and downright EXPENSIVE! My Audio Product gives cheap, simple, easy, and straighforward advice to get started for the Complete Beginner. You need no experience at all!

This Guide includes over 5 Hours of recorded Audio Interviews with a SINGLE MOM Real Estate Investor, who quit her job working part-time investing now making many times as much as working at a full-time career as a Software Engineer. You can do this, anyone can!

The one thing most programs, systems, and seminars do not provide is Guidance on whether Real Estate Investing is for you, or what the Advantages and Disadvantages are of different Real Estate Investment Strategies.

My name is Julia M. Spencer and even though I have two Master’s degrees, I have never taken any sort of formal education or training in the Real Estate field. Even so, I have made a successful part-time work/ full-time pay career out of trial-and-error Real Estate Investing. This shows that with a little dedication and self determination, anyone can do what I did- EVEN YOU. There is always something new to learn in Real Estate and I am a firm Believer in the ‘Learn-AND-Try method’- so I have become an expert in a very narrow field where I have made all the mistakes possible. Let me share my experience with you and save you valuable Time, Effort, and Hassle.

"As a multimillionaire, I have a team of financial advisors: Several different types of attorneys, an accountant, a retirement… Read more…

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