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Carrie Olsen Voiceover – The Voice and the Brains

Carrie Olsen Voiceover - The Voice and the BrainsClick Image To Visit SiteReady to start your voiceover business, but don’t know where to start? Grab up this free 31-page guide to get going!

"In creating animations, we work with a lot of voiceover talent. Carrie Olsen seriously stands out as one of my very top favorite voiceover artists to partner with. Carrie is incredibly professional, talented and hard-working… plus a joy to work with! I can’t recommend working with her strongly enough. You won’t be disappointed."
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Adrian R’Mante Actor Training Program

Adrian R'Mante Actor Training ProgramClick Image To Visit SiteInside this one of a kind actor training you will discover my proven audition technique video that boosts the chances you have of landing that all important role! If you don’t walk into auditions in the way I show you, than you are drastically reducing the chance you have of winning over the casting directors!

I also reveal my unique system for booking commercial gigs that keep you getting screen time while also making sure you can keep paying the bills! This cannot be ignored!
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Social Dancing Crash Course – Ballroom dancing for absolute beginners

Social Dancing Crash Course - Ballroom dancing for absolute beginnersClick Image To Visit SiteInstead of learning complicated routines, you will learn "simple" and "natural" Ballroom dance moves that you can do at weddings, parties and other social events.

Imagine dancing the night away with your partner around the room. You will be able to confidently lead and follow your partner after watching just a few minutes of our video lessons. Prepare for a night of fun!
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Is your music career ready for the next level? – Music Career Blueprint

Is your music career ready for the next level? - Music Career BlueprintClick Image To Visit SiteIf you’re an artist looking to get signed, become famous, get your music into TV or film, or even just improve your game, then you owe it to yourself to stop what you’re doing right now.

My name’s Steve, and I’ve been a Senior A&R and music executive for some of the world’s largest record and music companies, including Capitol, Virgin, Elektra, Eleven Seven, Billboard, EMI, and more, not to mention a successful artist manager and entrepreneur.
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How To Get Dope Beats For Life

How To Get Dope Beats For LifeClick Image To Visit SiteHow would you like to get an unlimited amount of high quality free hip hop beats perfect for rap songs and freestyling on?

I ended up saving money all summer working as a valet parker to buy a Korg Triton keyboard so I could finally make my own beats…
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Toni Lloret – Ideas, Phrases and Exercises for the modern guitarrists

Toni Lloret - Ideas, Phrases and Exercises for the modern  guitarristsClick Image To Visit SiteAlternate Picking: Sequences on one string, two strings, all six strings, arpeggios, pentatonics, ideas and phrases and hybrid picking (pick and fingers)

Legato: Legato with scales, legato and picking, pentatonic legato, arpeggios with string skipping, stretching and stretch arpeggios.
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Use music like a map, not as a ball and chain

Use music like a map, not as a ball and chainClick Image To Visit SiteIt’s for a select group of piano players who want to take their playing to the next level by discovering the treasure that lies buried in every song. For the most part it is for people who have already studied with Duane and are anxious to get on to the next level of playing, but any serious adult can take the course too.

Over the next year or two or three a very select group of piano players are going to take their playing to the next level by receiving a new "Music Map" that will lead them to the treasure buried in each song.
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Killer Guitar Control Secrets

Killer Guitar Control SecretsClick Image To Visit SiteMy name is Claude Johnson and for the last 15 years, I’ve been recording in studios and rocking it out at respected venues like the Hard Rock Cafe, so when it comes to guitar, I know what’s going on…

And for the past several years, I’ve helped tens of thousands of guitar players just like you unlock their "inner Guitar God" with my groundbreaking system called Killer Guitar Control Secrets.
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Vocal Webinar

Vocal WebinarClick Image To Visit SiteLooking for a specialized voice program? Well look no further. I’m Kimberly Nolan and I want you to try my online class. I train winners to sing any style, widen your range and perfect your pitch. Make sure to watch my entire video where I explain the secret to sounding amazing, and then join my class, try it out.. risk free.

If you join now, I’ll give you a special lesson on how to get a manager, blow away the judges at a talent event and do it for a living.
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Rock Guitar Mastery

Rock Guitar MasteryClick Image To Visit SiteJoin instructor Paulie Z for the most revolutionary rock guitar training ever created to help you learn and master the skills of the greatest rock stars that ever lived.

"With Rock Guitar Mastery, it’s as if there is no learning curve. From the first time you pick up the guitar and turn on the program, you’re going to feel like you’re on your way to becoming a real rock star."
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