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Señales de Trading

Señales de TradingClick Image To Visit SiteExcelente, en mi caso llevo 3 meses en el salon de trading y he aprendido mucho más que desde el día que empecé. Por fin veo resultados positivos para mi cuenta. ¡Muchas gracias!

Me ha parecido muy útil e interesante. La manera de analizar y explicar me resulta bastante útil puesto que estoy aprendiendo y lo hace muy sencillo y fácil de entender.
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Make Huge Profits With Bitcoin, Ethereum & Cryptocurrenices

Make Huge Profits With Bitcoin, Ethereum & CryptocurrenicesClick Image To Visit SiteInvestors Are Making a KILLING on This Underground Investment… And This May Be Your Last Chance to Get In While It’s Still Early.

When it comes to investing, there aren’t many opportunities as lucrative as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.
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Bitcoin Pro Signals

Bitcoin Pro SignalsClick Image To Visit SiteOur BTCUSD (Bitcoin vs US Dollar) signals are generated on the signal platform using proprietary algorithms developed by professional traders. There is human oversight regarding the methodology and settings of the algorithms which are updated as needed based on market conditions.

There are some instances of performance demonstrated on the website. However, due to variation in execution price (either better or worse), results may vary some depending on how quickly and what percentage of the signal trades are actually executed in real time.
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One Minute Trader

One Minute TraderClick Image To Visit SiteFor the cost of a daily latte, we curate and deliver to you a daily 5 Minute Trader (FMT) video lesson to help you hone your trading and investing instincts.

Make gains in your skill every day as you learn from the FMT insights and build your unique plan and approach. We’ll deliver timely market examples and insights you can add to your toolkit.
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PORTAL DE MERCADOTECNIA - Promonegocios.netClick Image To Visit SiteAquí encontrarás artículos, directorios, foros y recursos relacionados con el apasionante campo de la mercadotecnia.

"La mercadotecnia es un sistema total de actividades que incluye un conjunto de procesos mediante los cuales se identifican las necesidades o deseos existentes en el mercado para satisfacerlos de la mejor manera posible al promover el intercambio de productos y/o servicios de valor con los clientes, a cambio de una utilidad o beneficio" Ivan Thompson
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Peer Intelligence

Peer IntelligenceClick Image To Visit SiteSelect any industry and see all public companies within that industry for easy drill-down. You can select any business within that industry or a combination of such companies within that indusrty and drill-down further to view the historical data & KPI trend analyses.

We developed algorithms that utilize most frequently occurring account tags within an industry (we use XBRL data sets from SEC) and created standard KPIs for each industry as well as each company within an industry. Our industry KPIs are average of such KPIs for all companies within that industry as well as average for all periods.
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Model Star – Financial Modeling Excellence

Model Star – Financial Modeling ExcellenceClick Image To Visit SiteI never knew if the model was doing what it should. Whenever I had to update the model, I had a feeling of dread. Could we really be making important business decisions on the basis of a model nobody really understood?

After Model Star everything changed. I took the inputs from the old model and built a new model from scratch in one afternoon.
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Libro Tu Modelo De Negocios en 7 días – Alex Cormani

Libro Tu Modelo De Negocios en 7 días - Alex CormaniClick Image To Visit SiteSi ordenas ahora podrás adquirir mi libro y 3 bonos de regalo por tan sólo $ 30.00 USD 

Existe una gran diferencia entre tener una buena idea o un gran producto, y tener un buen negocio. En "Tu Modelo de Negocios en 7 Días" encontrarás las claves y herramientas para llevar tus ideas a la acción y construir modelos de negocios sostenibles, repetibles y escalables. Un libro práctico e imprescindible para emprendedores innovadores que buscan poner en marcha su proyecto empresarial.
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