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Balanced Scorecard Toolkit – guide to the best Balanced ScorecardBalanced Scorecard (BSC) Training

Balanced Scorecard Toolkit – guide to the best Balanced ScorecardBalanced Scorecard (BSC) TrainingClick Image To Visit SiteHome › Official › Balanced Scorecard Toolkit – guide to the best Balanced Scorecard

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How can you use Best Practices and

How can you use Best Practices andClick Image To Visit SiteWednesday, 15 July 2010 From the desk of Prof. Dr. Anne-Katrin Straesser Dear Colleague, As for most companies the requirements of the Basic Standard for Enterprise Internal Control and the time pressure to be compliant by the end of the year may seem overwhelming, there are a few simple steps you can take not only to become compliant quicker and with less cost you ever thought but also gain competitive edge. Based on the experience of implementing and auditing several companies’ internal control systems, such as the US SOX, the book "How to tackle C-SOX" reveals a success formula to easily and cost-effectively comply with the new Standard in a short period of time. This book not only explains methods Big4 firms use when implementing an internal control system but also ways how you can cut on auditing and consulting fees and improve your entire organisation. The book “How to tackle C-SOX” gives you step-by-step information how you can implement the whole system while using minimum resources. No matter, whether your role is CEO, Controller, Finance Director, Accountant or Consultant, this knowledge will you put ahead of your peers. It shows you how you can utilise what is readily available in the company and how to leverage it in order to self-assess the internal control system and be compliant with C-SOX. In a 5-step Proven Success Formula you learn exactly what you need to do in order to achieve compliancy and gain competitive edge. What are the steps that ensure you need to take until the end of the year so your company complies with the Standard and is ahead of your competitors? Step 1: Plan and Scope for Success Step 2: Analyse and Leverage Existing Control Environment Step 3: Remediate… Read more…

Project Management Templates Bundle –

Project Management Templates Bundle - Template124.comClick Image To Visit SiteWe make sure that your project doesn’t face downtime. Line-up your daily project tasks, evaluate performances and efficiency and put hands on multiple project simultaneously with our exuberant management templates.

Our close relationship with our customer does not end once our templates are delivered — it is only just beginning. Our round-the-clock customer service and technical support are just two important aspects of our customer support.
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How to Become a Rising Star in Your Career in 60 Days or Less

How to Become a Rising Star in Your Career in 60 Days or LessClick Image To Visit SiteThere has never been a better time for you to advance rapidly in your career than now. According to the Harvard Business Review, today’s top executives reach their senior-level positions, and high income levels, faster than ever before. At the same time, however, the competitive global economy is forcing companies to become leaner and more efficient. No matter how much potential you might have, in today’s organization you have less and less time to show results. Many ambitious people in business today spend years toiling away at work that they THINK will advance their careers, but does little to make them stand out from everyone else in the crowd. They struggle with killer hours, spend little time with their families, yet, despite their enormous effort, they never seem to make it to the leadership ranks.

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Webformactiva – formacion emprendedores, curso online, cursos online españa

Webformactiva - formacion emprendedores, curso online, cursos online españaClick Image To Visit SitePágina web creada únicamenteAAAAAA MAGIX Wne1, sin usar otras herrawwwmientas de software o gráficas.

[email protected] al lugar donde encuentras Cursos, Seminarios y en definitiva, formación para los que quieren ser libres, marcar su destino laboral y profesional, sus horarios y su objetivo.
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Hiring Secrets – Talent Management Secrets – Hire the Best – hrTriumph

Hiring Secrets - Talent Management Secrets - Hire the Best - hrTriumphClick Image To Visit SiteImplement a screening process that will dramatically increase the probability that you are hiring A-players…regardless of who is making the final hiring decision.

Standardize your interview process to ensure that the candidate fits the role and your organization’s culture.
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Customer Focus Books – Training Programs >>That’s Customer Focus

Customer Focus Books - Training Programs >>That's Customer FocusClick Image To Visit SiteBooks and Workshops to build and sustain customer focus and service excellence throughout your entire organization.

Home Training Programs Companion Free Stuff About Authors Contact Us
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Certificacion Gratis Coaching De Negocios

Certificacion Gratis Coaching De NegociosClick Image To Visit SiteSoy Luis Flores-Guerra y hemos decidido hacer algo que NUNCA ninguna institución formadora de coaches haría. Dar un curso completo certificado y gratuito. Ingresa ahora pues es por tiempo limitado.

Este completo curso online certificado es el mismo que muchas otras instituciones cobran a más de $1.500 dólares. Sin embargo tú recibes no solo el curso sino la certificación una vez lo termines. ¿Por qué lo estamos dando gratis? Muy sencillo, porque queremos revolucionar la industria del coaching y darle a las personas las herramientas que necesitan para ayudar a otras a través del coaching. Esta es la primera certificación gratuita en español del mercado. No hay trucos ni "engaños". Solo te inscribes, completas los entrenamientos y te enviamos tu certificación personalizada. Read more…

Online Business Plan Writing Course- Business Plan Online

Online Business Plan Writing Course- Business Plan OnlineClick Image To Visit SiteWelcome to our  ‘Online Business Plan Writing Course’.  If you’re looking for a source of the absolute best  Online  Business Plan  Course and finance “know-how” and “how-to” information available, look no further.

We’ve taken all the essentials and “boiled them down” into eminently useful and easily understandable language that ANY entrepreneur can quickly take action on. It doesn’t matter if you just a little bit of experience in business, or a lot – this new course will give you the cutting edge information that’s so “key” to getting loans and investor dollars flowing your way.
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