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Green Recipes – For Vegetarians and Vegans

Green Recipes - For Vegetarians and VegansClick Image To Visit SiteYou are a vegetarian or vegan and looking for new recipes? Then you are exactly right here. Our ebooks contain a great variety of different recipes including desserts. Each recipe contains accurate descriptions and a picture. The units of measure are described in ounces. Now choose your favorite ebook and you will be amazed at how much diversity there is in this organic way of living! Just download the ebook to your mobile device, computer or tablet and you can get started right away. Also, you can print out any recipe. Ready to go! Now it’s your turn. Have fun cooking!

Open the recipes on your favorite device. You can open the ebooks simply with Adobe Reader, Microsoft Word or online via the browser. The ebooks are provided in full format within few minutes via email / download: .pdf .docx and online via link.
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Uplifting Devotionals, Free Cookbook, Charitble Contributions

Uplifting Devotionals, Free Cookbook, Charitble ContributionsClick Image To Visit SiteThis cookbook is our gift to you (a $19.99 value – yours free). While it’s not to be paid for directly, we hope it will encourage your kindness.

To receive the cookbook, enter your name and email address above. We will send you the simple instructions for downloading the cookbook.
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The Thai Soup Secret

The Thai Soup SecretClick Image To Visit Site"This gorgeously written and photographed book is filled with mouth-watering recipes that are easy for home cooks to recreate. These comforting, healthy soups offer a perfect balance of savory-salty-sweet-sour-spicy flavors, all without ever leaving home. I dare you to look through this book without dashing off to the kitchen to whip up some Thai-inspired delights that will satisfy your taste buds, nourish your body and feed your soul."

"Finally a book on Thai soups introducing us all to not only the recipes and culinary tips needed to try this exciting cuisine in our own homes, but also expert advice from a Nutritional Therapist (NTP) on how and why this food nourishes and heals."
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Cookbook – Your Wellness Diary

Cookbook - Your Wellness DiaryClick Image To Visit SiteMany of these mouth watering recipes are Paleo friendly, healthy and can be made quickly. So if you are looking to loose weight, get healthy, have something new or looking to make dishes quickly then we have some recipes for you.

The recipes are designed to be healthy and give you delicious alternatives to the boring everyday meals. Many of these recipes can be made quickly and easily. There are many Paleo friendly recipes. Many of the deserts are gluten free with tips and hints on how to cook with coconut flour and almond flour.
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21 Day Meal Plan – Easy, mouthwatering recipes

21 Day Meal Plan – Easy, mouthwatering recipesClick Image To Visit SiteOne of the biggest challenges I faced when I first started my journey towards a healthier lifestyle was that the food plans I found online were extremely repetitive and quite boring. They just seemed to lack imagination. Add to that the fact that they just weren’t realistic for families. And when I did find recipes that boasted flavour, often times their container counts were wrong.

At the end of the day, I just could not find a complete daily guide, with mouth-watering food choices, and whole-day calculations, that would take the work out of it for me. I needed a complete 21 Day Meal Plan inspired by the 21 Day Fix.
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Quick Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Quick Healthy Breakfast RecipesClick Image To Visit SiteWe all know the advantages of a good breakfast. You’ve just had 8 hours with no food or water. The result? No doubt you are dehydrated, have low blood sugar and have little energy. You need good food now and not cream biscuits later at morning tea.

Eating a quick healthy breakfast recipe sets the scene as to how the rest of your day pans out food wise
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Kids Low GI Recipes for Chocolate Lovers – Super Healthy Meals

Kids Low GI Recipes for Chocolate Lovers - Super Healthy MealsClick Image To Visit SiteAre you, like lots of other parents of diabetic children around the world, finding it hard to say “no” to sweet, sugary chocolate treats that your child constantly asks for, especially when they see all the yummy foods  friends and family eat. Are you looking for delicious Low GI recipes

I know how heart wrenching this can be. You feel torn. We all want a happy child but more importantly you want a healthy child. So once again you say “no” and feel terrible!
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Home Made Ice Cream Recipes – Super Healthy Meals

Home Made Ice Cream Recipes - Super Healthy MealsClick Image To Visit SiteSadly the ‘Ice Cream’ you buy in the supermarket is full of artificial colouring, thickening agents to stop it melting and ridiculous amounts of refined sugar and that’s just the beginning!

We can all justify the reasons for what we do but in the end we all know we really aren’t making a healthy choice for our children.
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Healthy Kids Treats

Healthy Kids TreatsClick Image To Visit SiteAre you feeling sad, angry and fed-up with your battle with your child’s diet restrictions and having to say no all the time? Do you want to be able to give your kids chocolate that is an amazingly healthy kids treat?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to say ‘yes’ to treats like the ones below? They not only look delicious but they taste amazing!
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