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speeches4teachersClick Image To Visit SiteDo you find yourself SO busy that you’re unable to properly prepare THAT speech for Monday’s assembly – the one you particularly wanted to deliver well?

Without meaning to, you leave the speech until the last minute because administrative tasks and meetings have swallowed all your time. You rush through the preparation and end up delivering a second-rate speech which doesn’t to any justice to the topic or to your reputation as a professional.
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Lattice Nested Hydreno Atomic Model: Home

Lattice Nested Hydreno Atomic Model: HomeClick Image To Visit SiteWas Rutherford Mistaken? A reanalysis of the historic Gold Foil Alpha Particle experiment reveals two invalid assumptions pointing to a nuclear dimension possibly 1000 times larger than that proposed by Rutherford. Supporting evidence from neutron absorption crossections and other data appears to support this heretical notion providing a radically different view of the atom…. more >

Revolutionary Atomic Model (Framework For A Grand Unified Theory) Secrets Of Nuclear & Atomic Structure Deciphered ~Ancient Mysteries Solved~ Possibly the biggest development in atomic and nuclear theory in over 200 years, the Lattice Nested Hydreno model takes science to the next level of fundamental understanding, explaining many of the greatest mysteries of the Universe in truly astounding detail. Contrary to the assertions of Bohr and Rutherford, it is intuitively obvious that the structure and geometry of the nucleus must have a direct bearing on the properties of the atom as clearly evident in this radically new atomic model. For the first time in history, the hidden geometric code of the Periodic Table of Elements, including their Isotopes and Allotropes, is deciphered in a logical, common sense fashion accounting for literally thousands of previously unexplained chemical and nuclear properties and phenomena including: • The relationship between nuclear, atomic and macroscopic reality. • Isotopic distribution, abundance, missing isotopes & elements (Tc). • The void of stability from Bi toTh & the upper limit of nuclear diameter. • What causes the escalating neutron-proton ratio. • Why U235 is thermal neutron fissionable, while U238 is not. • The difference between thermonuclear and "cold" nuclear reactions. • The strong force, nuclear geometry, nucleon structure, spin quanta. • Atomic and nuclear based allotropes, isomers & crystal structure. • Electron structure, orbital shells, orbital shapes and quantization. • Chemical bonding, bond angles, bond types and bond strength. • why matter and mass are not… Read more…

Teacher’s Guide to Science Fair Projects

Teacher's Guide to Science Fair ProjectsClick Image To Visit SiteScience fairs offer students this opportunity and they offer you, the educator, the chance to enrich the learning experience for your students.

How is this done? It is done by using science fair participation as a mode of teaching students about the scientific method, experimentation, creativity, independent thinking, time management, organization, critical thinking, analytical thinking, problem solving and a variety of other important science concepts.
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Coral Castle Explained – Just another WordPress site

Coral Castle Explained - Just another WordPress siteClick Image To Visit SiteWelcome To The Coast To Coast AM Audience with George Noory! (Click below to access my YouTube videos, Images, and Facebook page!)

There are many ancient megalithic sites around the world that have intrigued researchers for decades. Some of these are well known such as Baalbek in Lebanon, Solomon’s Temple In Israel, the ruins of Sacsayhuaman in Peru, and of course the famous Stonehenge located in Wiltshire, England.
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The eBook Relativity 4 Engineers

The eBook Relativity 4 EngineersClick Image To Visit SiteIf you already know you just have to buy the eBook, simply click on the book image above – it’s secure, because it’s ClickBank! (Milky Way artwork credit: NASA)

If you buy the eBook Relativity 4 Engineers, you get one PDF document containing all the pdf files from this website, plus-plus.
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South African History –

South African History - www.south-african-homeschool-curriculum.comClick Image To Visit SiteTraditionally, school children create theme books about the various people groups of southern Africa, but as homeschooling moms and teachers, we have realized that for younger children, even with help and supervision, this can be quite an overwhelming task.

We have created these history file folder projects (lapbooks) to create convenient, printable mini-booklets for children to compile into a theme unit. All the relevent reference material, instructions as well as templates to print and cut are provided.
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American Civil War Collection

American Civil War CollectionClick Image To Visit SiteVideo History Today (primary site of American Civil War Maps & Photographs and the Civil War Teacher Pack) uses Clickbank, the Internet’s leading retailer of digital products for its Instant Download products. All you need is a credit card, no special internet accounts or anything like that. And it’s totally secure. Your credit card data is passed directly to Clickbank and no one but Clickbank has access to your sensitive information.

The American Civil War Map & Photograph packages, the Civil War Teacher Pack and the American Civil War Collection are four unique packages of practical & adaptable battlefield maps, lesson plans, historic archive images, Google Earth overlays (maps which display within the Google Earth application over the real terrain where a battle occurred) and hundreds of Google Earth KMZ Placemarks (which allow you to zoom straight to a key spot within Google Earth instantly). And these easily downloadable Collections can by yours in minutes!
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Intriguing facts about Jamaica – 101 ‘Did you knows’

Intriguing facts about Jamaica - 101 'Did you knows'Click Image To Visit SiteThe truth is, there are some really AMAZING things about this our little country that admittedly, being a proud and patriotic Jamaican, I was a little embarrassed to have just found out.

Return to Interesting Facts on Jamaica from 101 did you know facts about Jamaica Return to My Island Jamaica Homepage from 101 did you know facts about Jamaica
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Complete School – The Easy to Understand Math Tutorials Collection

Complete School - The Easy to Understand Math Tutorials CollectionClick Image To Visit SiteIt’s a hard fact – math is an important life skill, but many people struggle with it. Most of the time, this isn’t their fault – math is quite challenging when it’s taught the way it is nowadays in schools, colleges, courses and textbooks. It’s even harder when you have to go back and relearn math as an adult.

Imagine being able to really understand even the most challenging math topics. When you understand what you’re doing, math actually becomes enjoyable to do.
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