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Baseball Field Maintenance Handbook

Baseball Field Maintenance HandbookClick Image To Visit SiteDear Baseball Insiders, If you hate the bad hops on your field … can’t stand the poor footing … and are just plain embarrassed when others see your playing fields… …now you can have better play more often using the same field maintenance tips and techniques the pros use. It’s the surest way to turn even a mediocre sports field into a championship field and enjoy a better baseball experience… in just a few weeks, a few days, or even just minutes — and at virtually no extra cost. I believe sports programs can help our youth develop lifelong habits for success. You don’t want their dream to slip away due to a poor sports field. So, I’ve put together a special package for you to master field maintenance: Get the new baseball field maintenance handbook and 7 new additional guides. I want to help men and women like you transform their sports fields into a field of dreams where our youth reach their fullest potential and you have no regrets. For the past 11 years I have refined my baseball field maintenance skills by spending time with MLB and AAA groundskeepers, with sports turf managers, and with suppliers of field products for professional sports. During that period I also renovated 49 baseball and softball fields and had the privilege of consulting on hundreds of other new construction and renovation projects. The new field maintenance handbook along with its tips can save you time and money while helping the youth in your sports programs reach their fullest potential. You and your team and your organization need this information. They are counting on you. I call it a “How To” Guide to Transforming Your Baseball Field into a Winning Field because if you use this baseball field maintenance book:

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Building The Perfect Pitcher – Pitcher Specific Strength And Conditioning Program

Building The Perfect Pitcher - Pitcher Specific Strength And Conditioning ProgramClick Image To Visit SiteThis internally documented research text gives the scientific reasons how to optimize a pitcher through training. Topics include posture, optimizing health, durability, power, speed and strength.

Assessment is the key to any quality strength and conditioning program. The self-assessment allows each user to break down their fundamental movements and will reveal strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to rule out exercises that could lead to injury and pick the best techniques to train your body. The assessment will then be used to dictate your training program for the coming months.
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Baseball Swing Mastery presented by Mazzurco Baseball — Baseball Swing Mastery

Baseball Swing Mastery presented by Mazzurco Baseball — Baseball Swing MasteryClick Image To Visit SiteWhen advice such as “Swing down on the ball!” or “You’re dropping your back shoulder!” just doesn’t cut it, and you’re looking for your kid to be the one that bats over .500 and hits the game winning home run, then I have just the solution for you…

My eight year old son had horrible batting form and was chopping down on every ball he hit. I spent countless hours trying to dissect his swing and figure out what was wrong. I only made things worse. When I looked all over the internet I came across a response to some father’s question about his kid’s baseball swing. The response offered some suggestions and offered another site on the web which may help- with the disclaimer that he wasn’t trying to sell him anything. I was intrigued so I looked at the site as well. There I saw Vinny demonstrating one of the most technically proficient baseball swings I had ever seen. What Vinny had done was what I was actually trying to do myself (with one exception – I hadn’t played years of baseball). The more videos I watched, the more I realized that after watching tons of swings the are some universal things about all swings. It just takes someone with common sense to tease these things out. Vinny has masterfully done that and combined that with his personal experience. His videos are extremely honest. He tells you the right things to do and explains all of the variations. Instead of telling you why everyone else is wrong and he is right – he is honest and explains that there are other ways to achieve the same thing. He uses his personal anecdotes as well. His style is extremely easy to understand. After watching them myself I had… Read more…

2X Velocity Program – Increase Throwing Velocity and 60 Yard Sprint for Position Players

2X Velocity Program - Increase Throwing Velocity and 60 Yard Sprint for Position PlayersClick Image To Visit SiteCheck it out! All these Top Prospect Player Profiles speak for themselves. Already, travel ball, high school, college and pro ball players are using THE 2X VELOCITY PROGRAM, and they have the results to prove it.

"THE 2X VELOCITY PROGRAM trained me to increase my throwing velocity from the outfield. It also helped me gained a ton of bat power. I broke the home run record at my high school that season."
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21 Hours To Mental Power – Just another WordPress site

21 Hours To Mental Power - Just another WordPress siteClick Image To Visit SiteIf you’ve ever dreamt of playing Major league Baseball or Division 1 Softball and are ready to take the most important step in getting you closer to making that a reality… read on…

By now, you’ve likely heard of the 5 tools that every college coach and pro scout judge a prospect on: speed, glove, arm, ability to hit for average, and hit for power.
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Baseball History: 19th Century Baseball

Baseball History: 19th Century BaseballClick Image To Visit SiteI think there are only three things America will be known for 2,000 years from now when they study this civilization: the Constitution, jazz music and baseball.

oday a multi-billion dollar industry, Baseball has come a long way from its crude and humble beginnings in the fields of 19th century America. More than a game, Baseball remains an inseparable part of the American heritage and an intrinsic part of our national psyche. For many of us, notions of team, fair play, and athletic excellence first occurred on a red clay diamond cut from a grassy field. Referred to as "America’s Pastime" since 1856, Baseball today is played by men and women of all ages and skill levels all around the world. Despite its recurrent scandals and woes, Baseball remains synonymous with the best that America has to offer.
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Level Elite Hitting System

Level Elite Hitting SystemClick Image To Visit SiteBecome the biggest and baddest guy on your team by spraying balls all over the field and lighting up the scoreboard…

The mentality side of baseball gets far overlooked but is what separates the good players from the great players. If you want to be great then no matter how hard you work your skills, you still have to have that IT factor mentally.
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Teach Baseball By Numbers Ebook – Teach Baseball by Numbers

Teach Baseball By Numbers Ebook - Teach Baseball by NumbersClick Image To Visit SiteIf you really want to teach baseball techniques to your kids or other youngsters but you are quite hesitant because you think you don’t have the background or knowledge please review the information below and think again.

Thinking of hiring a “professional” baseball trainer for your 5 to 10 year old? Think again. They can be very expensive.
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Pitchers Arm Care – Rockland Peak Performance

Pitchers Arm Care - Rockland Peak PerformanceClick Image To Visit SiteLet’s face it, everyone wants to throw hard, but we have to make sure we’re going about it the best and safest way possible. Thus, learning the correct way to take care of your arm, shoulder and body as a pitcher should be a top priority, not only during the season but year-round as well.

Pitchers Arm Care E-book is nearly 70 pages in length and comes with 40 instructional videos that will show you many of the steps that our high school, college and pro players go through to take care of their arm. Remember, the arm can lose up to 10 degrees of internal rotation after even just one outing, so arm care should be a part of every pitchers mindset and protocol all year long.
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The Complete Hitter

The Complete HitterClick Image To Visit SiteThey walk up to the plate and you immediately get the feeling they have an advantage. They have not even swung the bat…but they just look like a hitter. Everyone in the park knows something is going to happen. 

Why is it that some players that seem to have all the athleticism in the world can’t hit while others who wouldn’t pass the look test can absolutely rake?
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