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Sports Consulting Services

Sports Consulting ServicesClick Image To Visit SiteYou need us in your corner! Why? Because Las Vegas, off-shore sports books, on-line casinos and your bookie are dominating you! Stats show that only 19% of self-advised bettors will win on any given weekend. That percentage drops throughout the course of the sports season. Many try repeatedly to win on their own terms but lose again and again. The only reliable method is to have the information we have which the general public simply doesn’t have the time or resources to gather.

Welcome to We cover the NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA football and NCAA men’s basketball. As a privately held sports investment firm, we release reliable investment advice and concentrate on wagering lines, odds and point spreads. Let us prove to you why we should be your favorite sports investment site for sports betting tips. If you are looking for NFL picks or NBA picks, MLB picks and college picks, let us show you how we can improve your winning percentage today. Read more…

Home – Archery Mental Mastery

Home - Archery Mental MasteryClick Image To Visit SiteDo you want a copy of the book to take with you to your archery club, competition or a handy reminder of the cool techniques.

This programme has been designed to aid and work alongside your coach and archery lessons naturally enhancing your ability. It can work as well with whatever bow you use or type of archery you love from the traditionl archery using a longbow,  target archery, field archery, 3D archery, bowhunting, recurve archery or field archery using a compound bow. This is designed to develop the mental side of your archery techniques.
Continue reading – Sports Psychology – Mental Toughness Training – Dallas Texas – Home - Sports Psychology - Mental Toughness Training - Dallas Texas - HomeClick Image To Visit SiteSince 2000, this site has been educating people about sports psychology, helping them improve their mental toughness, and enabling them to get some 1-on-1 mental training to enhance their performance. My name is Dr. Robert Neff and for many years I was the only person in the Dallas Metroplex providing mental training for elite athletes. There has always been a very large and growing need for these services, often far more than what I could provide on my own. In 2006, I incorporated Mental Training, Inc., and in 2007 I began adding more Mental Trainers®. By the way, we don’t employ psychiatrists (people who can prescribe drugs for mental illnesses) and we don’t treat clinical disorders like schizophrenia or OCD. We work with "normal" people and help them to become exceptional.

Our corporate website went online in May, 2008. Click the link below to learn more about our services and mental training team. Read more…

Bowling Tips – Insider Bowling Tips E-book Ultimate Bowling Guide

Bowling Tips - Insider Bowling Tips E-book Ultimate Bowling GuideClick Image To Visit Site"Bowling been a part of my life for over 30 years and I’m excited to share with you the many bowling tips, tricks and strategies I’ve picked up over a lifetime in the game. From the fundamentals that lay the foundation for years of enjoyment to the intricacies that produce the best players in the world, "insder bowling Tips", is an all inclusive guide to improving your game. Whether you’ve just picked up the sport or have multiple perfect games under your belt, "insder bowling Tips", has something for everyone and will be sure to provide you with a better all around understanding of this great game. And as we all know, knowledge is the key to success in anything we do."

This is a Digital Downloadable E-book So You Will Need an Adobe Reader. In addition, Insder Bowling Tips E-book. Will Come In a Thank You Message For Download
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Domina el arte de pescar

Domina el arte de pescarClick Image To Visit SiteCual DON? El de poder DUPLICAR tus capturas, con los mismos aditamentos que posees en estos momentos, y lograr llevar cantidades casi obscenas de pescado a tu hogar para la satisfacción tuya y de toda tu familia,y todo esto con métodos verdaderamente fáciles y rápidos de seguir.

Y no hablo de darte un libro para que leas como hacerlo.., hablo de DECIRTE exactamente de mi boca como hacerlo”
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