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Virtual Boxer – Boxing Training Program – Boxing Game – Try For Free!

Virtual Boxer - Boxing Training Program - Boxing Game - Try For Free!Click Image To Visit SiteThis is just one slow drill out of 35 + 6 fights in 3 speeds that you get in Virtual Boxer (+lefty lite!) (New to boxing? Here are some Free Boxing Lessons Videos to help you out.)

First and foremost, Virtual Boxer will train you to instantly RECOGNIZE all the common punches and even combinations that may be thrown at you by an attacker, so you can easily see them coming and consistently avoid getting hit by them.
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The 7 Most Effective Self Defense Techniques

The 7 Most Effective Self Defense TechniquesClick Image To Visit SiteExperienced martial artists know hundreds of techniques, however, when under pressure they will instinctively do what works, rather than pick a matching technique from their vast repertoire of self defense moves.

In a real world situation, an attack is over within a few short seconds. These seconds are filled with panic, chaos and confusion, and you won’t have time to think at this point. The application of a few simple principles and techniques will allow you to instantly stop any attacker!
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Krav Maga Women

Krav Maga WomenClick Image To Visit SiteThis special eBook designed specifically for women provides extremely useful advice to protect you against rape and other violent attacks. Many times a rape can be avoided! Read these priceless tips carefully and hopefully you won’t have to use them. Even if you remember one tip at the exact moment you need it, it can be worth everything. I hope you will never have to use these tips.

I am so sure that practicing Krav Maga Women will prepare you for an imposed fight that I am prepared to back up my strong belief with a full money back guarantee, putting my money where my mouth is. Read more…

The Ultimate Martial Arts CD

The Ultimate Martial Arts CDClick Image To Visit SiteBut I wanted even more. Over the years I produced 2 very impressive videos for use in my weapons seminars and seminars on "secrets of the martial arts". These video’s sold for $75 each and have have sold hundreds of copies. I decided to Add these videos to the CD Rom.

In the past 5 years I continued to write new book and now the total is up to 32. I also added 10 more great books that are important and public domain, making the total of complete books on this CD 42. So you get all 42 Books and 6 hours of video in this collection. In this one collection you will find 42 COMPLETE BOOKS and 6 HOURS OF VIDEOS
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The Boxing Blue Print Guarantee

The Boxing Blue Print GuaranteeClick Image To Visit Site"Discover The Secret To Never-Ending Cardio, Warp Speed, and Lights-Out KO Power While Slashing Your Workout Time In Half With The Cutting-Edge Boxing Blue Print Training System"

Correcting muscle imbalances by stretching the tight ones is crucial to staying injury free while boosting your fighting performance.
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Krav Maga In No Time

Krav Maga In No TimeClick Image To Visit SiteWhen there is a fight, you need to end it in seconds. Your major problem is to not hesitate. The solution to hesitation is to know how to respond automatically to the attack you may face. Learning Krav Maga by watching and practicing the techniques in the video course many times can lead you to a point where you will respond automatically towards an attack.

I have 30 years of experience in Krav Maga and have worked as a top instructor for police units and security services around the world. I have trained many civilian men, women and children as well.
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Ultimate Fight Psychology, MMA Mental Game, Combat Sports Psychology, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Wrestling

Ultimate Fight Psychology, MMA Mental Game, Combat Sports Psychology,  Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, WrestlingClick Image To Visit SiteDiscover the Secret to Crippling Your Opponent’s Focus with a Glance, Hannibal Lector-Style Calm in Fights and the Underground Techniques for Triggering Match-Dominating Aggression at Will

The octagon is YOUR jungle. Any opponent who dares stand in front of you must be put down like a red-zone pit bull. Nothing should stand in your way. You must be absolutely confident that you can take care of business…
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Competition Transitions by Matt D’Aquino and Ivo Dos Santos

Competition Transitions by Matt D'Aquino and Ivo Dos SantosClick Image To Visit SiteIn this first of it’s kind DVD download package Olympians Matt D’Aquino and Ivo Dos Santos have teamed up to bring you the best and most effective competition newaza transitions. This DVD is a must have for anyone looking at getting a competitive edge in newaza.

“Newaza transitions was something I concentrated on throughout my entire fighting career. I won a ton of fights using the techniques filmed on this DVD download.”
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My name is Art Mason. I am a 33 year veteran of the arts as well as a school owner. I know what you are thinking! Another martial art seminar weekend of the same old stuff. But I can assure you that is NOT what this event is all about!
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