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Home – Rugby Fitness Training

Home - Rugby Fitness TrainingClick Image To Visit SiteYour speed on a rugby field is based upon a combination of factors. These involve strength, running technique as well fatigue factors. The following equation will determine…

Welcome to Rugby Fitness Training. I am Ben Wilson, I am a conditioning coach and the author the book “Rugby Fitness Training:A Twelve Month Conditioning Programme”
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8 Ball Winning Strategies. Learn to Play 8 Ball Pool Online.

8 Ball Winning Strategies. Learn to Play 8 Ball Pool Online.Click Image To Visit SiteFollow This Link and Secure Your Copy of 8 Ball Winning Strategies Now. Eight Ball Winning Strategies is an ebook in pdf format. You will need Adobe reader on your computer to read it and access the web pages and videos which it links to. Most Computers have this software already. If you do not, there is a link on the download page where you can get it Free.)

My name is Ted Mauro and yes even though I’m only 43 years old, I have been playing pool for over 30 years.
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