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Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park Guide Book

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park Guide BookClick Image To Visit SiteTwo families visit Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hogsmeade! One family waits in a 60 minute line at Forbidden Journey, waits in a 90 minute line to buys a wand at Ollivander’s Wand Shop, and waits in 15 minute line (again) to buy a Butterbeer.  Another family reads the WWoHP Hogsmeade Guide, visits during the less crowded time and walked right onto Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.  They hit a server in Three Broomsticks to purchase their Butterbeer without a wait, purchases a wand at another store without a wait, and learns lots of insider tips and tricks to make their Harry Potter park vacation more magical.  The only difference is that one family was smart enough to buy the Wizarding World of Harry Potter guide book to learn the insider secrets to this popular new island.

The 15 page Unofficial Guide to Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hogsmeade is a fun way to get excited about your visit to Universal’s Islands of Adventure or if you are just a Harry Potter fan.  This guide only focuses on Hogsmeade.  The Diagon Alley guide is coming soon!  Buy your copy today of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hogsmeade for only $19.97!
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How To Be a Traveler Superstar – Just another WordPress site

How To Be a Traveler Superstar – Just another WordPress siteClick Image To Visit SiteMy name is G.Walker and I’m Europe’s Honest Traveling Coach, my goal is to help you Travel more, Save more and Meet Everyone and you’re about to discover how you can do this too in just a couple of minutes.

To be honest I didn´t even wanted to share this with you but I´m going to let you in on my darkest secret.
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The Timeshare Exchange Bible

The Timeshare Exchange BibleClick Image To Visit SiteFirst, I feel the need to share a story  with you that, frankly, makes me look like an idiot when it comes to my experience in exchanging timeshares. You’ll see why I was reluctant to even include this story in about a minute… 

Here’s what’s funny to me: Because I’ve been in the timeshare industry for many years, I get comments like…“You were probably always a timeshare exchange expert" while in fact, I was the exact opposite!
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L’Inventario – Lista Commentata di Oggetti, Elettrodomestici e Accessori per il Tuo Appartamento Turistico

L'Inventario - Lista Commentata di Oggetti, Elettrodomestici e Accessori per il Tuo Appartamento TuristicoClick Image To Visit SiteSemplice, stavo preparando un appartamento e mi sono reso conto che non esisteva una lista di cose da comprare per un appartamento turistico. Nel senso che alla fine vai all’Ikea e ti lasci ispirare al momento. E finisce che porti a casa roba inutile o ne dimentichi altra importante. O fai acquisti che poi all’atto pratico si rivelano sbagliati.

Nei miei viaggi in appartamento come turista poi, troppo spesso mancavano oggetti essenziali, tipo gli stracci in cucina che non capivo mai perché non mettono.
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Guarda Eurotrip — La serie sui viaggi low cost

Guarda Eurotrip — La serie sui viaggi low costClick Image To Visit SiteTi mancano da vedere 27 episodi. Ovvero hai la possibilità di creare l’umore giusto in 27 giorni della tua vita, vivendo il viaggio, in posti che hai già visto o che vedrai, come se fossi lì in quel momento.

Il prezzo di questo è meno di quanto ti costa una sola serata in pizzeria, e vale solo per 2 persone al giorno tra quelli che hanno ricevuto i link ai primi 3 episodi. Prova a pensare se ne vale la pena:
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Motorbike Licence Vietnam – Vietnam motorcycle licence in 7 easy steps!

Motorbike Licence Vietnam - Vietnam motorcycle licence in 7 easy steps!Click Image To Visit SiteMy Step-By-Step Guide Will Help You Cut Through All The Red Tape — Saving You Time, effort, And Frustration!

In addition, it’s not always convenient to walk or take the bus. So motorbikes are the vehicle of choice for many locals — and expats.
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We couldn’t find you….

We couldn't find you....Click Image To Visit SiteAfter you have completed the payment process, you will be able to create your listing. The process is simple, and only takes between 5-10 minutes. Here, you will enter your business description, contact details and select which business category you full under. You may also upload images and a Youtube video, as well as create links to your Social Media profiles.

When you have created your listing and saved it, one of our editors will review, optimize and publish it within 24 hours.
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The Boat Shop

The Boat ShopClick Image To Visit SiteIf you are thinking about using the French canals to passage between the UK and the Mediterranean then this booklet contains all the information you need.

It describes the Routes, the regulations the paperwork – How where and when to get the qualifications and license, the depths, air heights, locks and a whole lot more.
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RV Checklist

RV ChecklistClick Image To Visit SiteI am often asked for tips to help the newbie hit the road. I believe following a checklist is an important part of the process. It’s always a good idea to review safety steps no matter how many times you’ve performed them. I share things learned from my own experience (sometimes found out the "hard way"). I also had lots of good expert input from those more experienced in areas less familiar to me. An RV salesman with over 20 years experience helped with the PDI process, a long-time trailer and 5th wheel tower overlooked that section. These lists were designed to be easy to use, broken down into four stages so you can print out just exactly what you need along the way. Below is a recap of the kind of checklists included and the type of information provided.

Separate detailed lists for interior and exterior elements to check out. Drive Test – how’s it handle? What to watch for. Helps keep track of different ones you’ve seen and how to inspect them.
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