Dota 2 – Be Your Own MMR Booster

Dota 2 - Be Your Own MMR BoosterClick Image To Visit SiteHaving a hard time to exceed your current rank? You can learn the ways to break your rank limit easily!

Trust me, this was my actual rank when I started playing the ranked match! I have been in this stage too, so I understand your frustrations when you wanted to increase your MMR but got pulled by a lot of uncontrollable factors, clowns in the team, cancerous server, feeders… until I discovered the SECRET STRATEGIES to turn those uncontrollable factors into my command! And in this book I will share all the tips, strategies, and secrets I found and tested thoroughly to you!

Don’t waste anymore time in frustration! Start applying the tips and strategies in the book and you will see the results instantly! I have spent five full months to test and refine the tactics…just so that you can avoid make the same mistakes I made in that five months.

And the best part is you can apply these techniques in any rank pool, no matter you are a new player, or a experienced player. As long as you have a goal in mind which is to boost your MMR, this is the best guide for you! Imagine yourself achieving the rank you want, regardless of who in your team and which server you are playing in!

Sounds great right? You can get all the information you need in a book. No more Googling around hoping to find the answer on how to rank effectively. The best part is you WILL NOT EVER need to order rank boosting service anymore! Instead of spending $15 per 100 MMR for the boosting service, save that money to get the items or Arcana you want!

No matter what is the reason you want to get to the rank number… Read more…

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