28 Day Primer Program (VSL) — 12 WEEK SHRED

28 Day Primer Program (VSL) — 12 WEEK SHREDClick Image To Visit SiteIMPORTANTWatch The Video Below Before You Implement Your FAT TORCHING HABITS (Please allow 10-15min for delivery)

A.The 28 DAY PRIMER PROGRAM is 100% downloadable, meaning that as soon as you make your payment you will have access to your new program to download and print.

A.Yes, we’ve created the 28 DAY PRIMER PROGRAM with 4 days of resistance training and 1-2 days of HiiT training. The training has been created to help create a solid base for those that decide to join the full 12 WEEK SHRED PROGRAM. The program also includes an introduction to HiiT and how to ensure you get the most out of your cardio.

A.I’m a guy who genuinely wants to help other guys just like me become the best they can be. I love this space, I love the way I feel when I’m in great shape and I want to help as many guys as possible do the same. It’s my personal GOAL to MOTIVATE and EDUCATE 100,000+ men to kick-start their new elite life transformation. A transformation that will set them up for success down the track, a transformation from the AVERAGE to the BEST! And so I’m making my teachings as affordable as possible so I can ensure every guy has the opportunity to take part.

A.Great question. The reason why I’ve put a very small fee on this 28 DAY PRIMER PROGRAM is to do with commitment. You see, if I made this free I know that 95% of the guys that download it won’t use it. Sure they might have good intentions and start the program, but after a few days to a week, when old habits take back over and life is ‘happening’ the… Read more…

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