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Amazing Diabetes GuideClick Image To Visit SiteDiabetes ruined my wedding night and I was out for revenge. I set out to learn everything I could about controlling and challenging the disease. Not just because of what happened on my wedding night, but because I was scared for my husband and I didn’t want to lose him if there was a way to avoid it. Here’s what you need to know about me: When I set my mind to something I get it done. I’m stubborn and that’s putting it lightly. So I dove in headfirst. I talked to dozens of doctors, consulted with naturopaths, picked the brains of nutritionists and meet up with anyone I could find who had successfully navigated type 2 diabetes.

I was amazed at the amount of information available. Unfortunately, over-information and mis-information were a big part of the problem. One doctor recommended a certain type of drug while other doctors recommended a different type while still others spoke out against drugs all together. There was a sea of diet charts, food graphs and medical manuals. I was tempted to give up. But I Finally Cracked The Code! After meeting with dozens of patients who had successfully combatted type II diabetes, some patterns began to emerge. My husband became my guinea pig and I tested every theory on him. There were a lot of early failures but eventually an unusual system started to take shape.

My husband’s type 2 diabetes started to turn directions. His blood sugar levels came down to normal, he lost weight and his energy levels went through the roof. He’d be embarrassed to know I’m writing this, but even his sex drive shot up. We even went back to our family doctor to confirm the results and Our Doctor Asked ME To Show Him How To… Read more…

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