Diabetic Neuropathy Control

Diabetic Neuropathy ControlClick Image To Visit SiteIf you want to avoid Amputation, save on ever increasing medical bills, or even if you just want to be able to confidently negotiate with your doctor on the most cost effective option for you, then this is the most important letter you’ll read all year!

Breaks down to lay-man English, the complications of diabetes. If you are a diabetic or you have a loved one whom is diabetic, this book explains exactly what to expect and how to tackle such expectations. It’s quite informative in the sense that it enlightens you on how to avoid these complications.

Your e-book is extremely timely as many medical and healthcare workers need to understand the wide spectrum of complications when diabetes is not well controlled. Thanks again.

"Neuropathy in Diabetes Unravelled’ is an extremely informative book which outlines the causes, symptoms and treatments of Neuropathy in Diabetes.

The book, aimed at those who may be suffering from Diabetes or showing symptoms, is clearly written and understandable to those who don’t necessarily have a scientific or medical background. It does its job well in relaying important information and advice to those who may be worried about diabetes. It is clear from the beginning that this is just to give some information and is not to be used to self-medicate and that contacting your GP would be the best in this situation, however it does give a huge insight into symptoms and explains why this may be happening.

The subtitles throughout the book help in breaking up the information and give the reader the ability to read up on a key area and bullet points used throughout help to make the text clear. The fact sheets at the back were a great addition, summarising important information from the previous… Read more…

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