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EscapesSales — BJJ ImmersionClick Image To Visit SiteI promise you I have been submitted more than most. I have been doing Jiu Jitsu for over 15 years. Some people may look at me and say I am a Pan Am Champion and cannot feel your pain.

The escapes that are in this system are only the best tried and true escapes. These are only the highest percentage escapes I have learned from the elite black belts over the years. To develop, learn, and implement these secrets has taken years of development and countless times getting submitted. I guarantee you that these escapes will save you from my years of pain and immediately change your Jiu Jitsu forever (as long as you actually are an implementer).

Many of you obviously know my good friend Robson Moura (see testimonial below). Robson was one of my training partners for a long time and a great mentor to me. I asked him one day after training what one important trait he learned as a black belt.

Robson told me that while he had great offense – he lacked defense, learning defense was a big turning point for him.

And just in case you think it’s name dropping to say I was 8 x World Champion Robson Moura’s training partner and mentored by him. Make no mistake, he has caught me numerous times. But I promise you I never let him walk off the mat without showing me how to escape it (and thank goodness for you I show many in here).

I have been submitted and heck, even been embarrassed. I always go back to the drawing board though. To me a real Black Belt doesn’t represent an end. A Black Belt is the beginning. And on my sixth year as a Black Belt I can promise that The Ultimate Escapes System… Read more…

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