– Home - HomeClick Image To Visit SiteChances are you came here searching for information, for alternatives and answers about pain…yours, your family member, your friends, or maybe even a clients. Our focus is information about the muscular component ‘participating’ in that pain…and that is Muscle Management’s focus, relieving pain and restoring function by focusing precision therapy on the muscles.

We offer a unique approach to working ‘with’ the body’s natural built-in maintenance, recovery and health management abilities with respect to it’s largest and most often under-appreciated system… The Muscles.

"Disease does not occur unexpectedly. It is the result of constant violation of Nature’s laws, spreading and accumulation of such violations transpire suddenly in the form of a disease…. but it only seems sudden." Hippocrates

Each and every day we ‘live and work’ within an incredibly wonderful example of engineering, strength, and efficient design… Our own body!! This incredible "machine" is greatly influenced by a very commonsense organization of ropes, pulleys, and levers… the muscles, tendons, and skeleton. Muscle Management® is about managing all of the above by means of respecting and responding to the vital role muscles play in our bodies overall well-being. Our intention is to encourage, promote, and maintain healthy states of balance and ease through recognizing, respecting and responding to the important role the body’s muscles play in overall well being. Muscular health can often be a primary contributing factor in many muscular/skeletal situations. Muscle movement constantly shapes the quality of our daily lives. Problems with this system can often be a primary contributing factor to situations where we are more tense, irritable, fatigued, less active… and in PAIN!!!. Negative influences can include everyday pressures and stresses, repetitive motions, mismanaged injuries (especially in athletes), whiplash trauma and conditions like fibromyalgia or arthritis which often produce muscular or… Read more…

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