Cat Spray Control

Cat Spray ControlClick Image To Visit SiteYour time is spent cleaning the mess caused by your cat’s spraying. It soon becomes an expensive problem as damaged items need to be replaced. Life becomes stressful as you spend countless hours searching for the right solution. 

Many cat owners lose hope as each spraying incident occurs. Others become distraught that if the spraying continues they will need to give up their beloved cat. 

Others yell and shout at their cat in an effort to get them to stop spraying. This tactic actually results in more spraying as the cat becomes anxious and stressed. 

The scientific research I’ll share below proves that you only need to follow this specific method for less than ten minutes a day to get your cat to stop spraying.

Unfortunately, you won’t find this enjoyable system for stopping cat spray anywhere else. Despite the scientific proof and my over 7 years of documented success, most veterinarians and cat experts give you advice that is counterproductive to stopping cat spray.

My name is Heather Owen and I successfully found the one thing that stops cat spray. It was the only thing that got my cat, Toby, to actually use his litter box. It all started about eight years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday…. 

I came to the sobering conclusion that tonight was going to be a long night. I knew I was heading for another stressful discussion about how my husband felt that Toby should no longer be a part of our family. I wondered, how did I ever let it get this bad? 

I’d spent the last fifteen years helping animals as an animal cruelty investigator. As part of my job, I had learned a lot about animals. But nothing prepared me to deal with a cat who refused to use… Read more…

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