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clickbanklearndoggrooming - K9CompanyClick Image To Visit SiteI have taught many people how to groom their own dogs. I have done one on one training, workshops for groups, and also taught advanced classes for professionals. I know the struggles beginners face, and from my experience teaching dog grooming, I have perfected the techniques I teach and find most suitable for a beginner-level.

I will share with you these dog grooming techniques so you can learn how to groom your own dog at the comfort of your own home – at your own pace.

I will teach you all the basic techniques required for grooming your own dog, no matter which longhaired breed you have. You will learn how to create guiding lines and how to shape hairstyles so that you can create any hairstyle you wish.

These basic techniques are the same no matter what type of coat the dog has, no matter if it is a dog with a long or short muzzle, and no matter what size the dog is! Once you master these techniques, you can create any hairstyle you want your dog to have.

I will show you 4 different hairstyles to teach you how you use the same basic techniques to create the hairstyle of your choice.

“You will get exclusive access to this content on my membership site, and I will be ready to guide you and answer any questions you might have”

You are going to love grooming your own dog, your dog will love it too – and the great bonus is all the money you will save by doing it yourself.

This book contains everything you need to know as the owner of a small long-haired dog. All conceivable questions about grooming, care and wellbeing are answered.

Any dog can learn to love grooming if they learn it… Read more…

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