Cross Stitch Made Easy

Cross Stitch Made EasyClick Image To Visit SiteWhether you are looking for a creative way to use your hands with cross stitching or you already know the basics of cross stitch but want to get better at it, you’ve come to the right place.

Now YOU can discover how easy it is to get professional cross stitch results AND have a lot of fun at the same time!

Many, many years ago I sat next to my Grandma while she was cross stitching. She made cross stitch pieces for all the family and neighbors and did it so quickly and so easily I was fascinated and soon learnt to love it as well.

She patiently taught me the basics of cross stitch while stitching her own masterpieces that I now cherish. Grandma used to tell me she worked on her projects to help with her arthritis. She knitted and did crochet too, but we all knew her first love was cross stitch.

Following a lengthy break from cross stitch, I only began stitching again when my family had grown up. Now, several years further downline, I’m a grandma myself and it’s my turn. I love teaching my granddaughters everything I know about cross stitch, although…

There was a time when I would look at my grandma’s work and think I could never cross stitch like her. My designs all ended up in tangled messes and my stitches were wrong.

More recently, I began actively posting to several cross stitch forums. The idea of writing a ‘how-to’ guide gradually came about after receiving a couple of emails thanking me for all the help and guidance the writers had received.

That original report has now been expanded into a practical guide especially for the person who loves to cross stitch and wants to perfect their craft AND the… Read more…

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