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"The love of a pig is as wonderful and warm as the love that you experience in your family."

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Despite some reports that they are different, the micro pig, mini pig and teacup pig are all the same and are actually just different words to describe them.

Despite the common belief that pigs are dirty, owners of micro pigs are happy to report that their pets are very clean. They prefer to have an area for toileting and an area for sleeping and if they are properly trained, a micro pig will avoid going to the bathroom in the home; which is their sleeping area, and will only go outside in the area that is set up. Remember that housetraining with any pet rests solely on the shoulders of the owner and the training they do with their pig.

Micro pigs make extremely good pets. Their small size allows them to live anywhere that a medium sized dog could live and their intelligence has them as easily trained as even the smartest dog breeds. They are usually very healthy animals and while it may not seem the case, they are a clean animal. They bond well with their owners and are the perfect addition to a family.

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