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Rover's Recipes - Dog Biscuit Recipes - Dog Food RecipesClick Image To Visit SiteSadly enough, that’s what you are giving your dog every time you serve them commercially made foods and treats. Do you really know what else these products – even "premium" products – contain?

They can also contain potentially cancer-causing preservatives such as BHA, BHT, and ethoxyquin – or propyl glycol, used in anti-freeze. (Let’s not even get into the dog food recalls and pain caused to families who lost pets from those "extra ingredients"!!)

These days, dogs rely on us to provide them with food. They don’t understand that some meals and snacks can help treat certain conditions – or even help them lose a little weight! They just want their food to be tasty and not feel sick later.

Dog food companies know that we’d do just about anything to keep our dogs healthy, which is why they sell "specialty" formulas – at a much higher price!

Ironically, some allergies are caused by the dry food these companies produce – by repeatedly cooking the ingredients at high temperatures which can cause the proteins to become damaged. Fillers used to reduce production costs can increase the weight of the bag – and the weight of your pet. The food companies make more profit because your pet now needs an expensive formula!

Many of these recipes call for ingredients that you already have in your pantry – and are simple and easy to make.

Think again! There’s even a section just for microwave meals and treats, so your pet can enjoy yummy meals in a flash! (And yes, there are even some recipes that you and your dog can enjoy eating together!)

I’ve tried a couple of the recipes out on our neighbor’s dog and he’s loved them! I’ve got quite a list of dogs between my family and friends and am making Christmas doggie baskets for… Read more…

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