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The Ultimate Guide To Raising Young Children - Children and EducationClick Image To Visit SiteCongratulations! There’s nothing more rewarding or more exciting than having a child. Your life is about to change forever, and while you’ll welcome most of these changes, some of them may leave you feeling perplexed, anxious, and maybe even a little frightened.

While the chief complaint about children has always been that they don’t come with an owner’s manual, we’ve prepared this manual just for you.  In it, I’ve included valuable tips, tricks and advice to help your child not only to survive, but thrive during their early years.

This should give you a good idea of what to expect from The Ultimate Guide To Raising Young Children but don’t think for a split-second that’s all it offers.

This guide makes a GREAT gift for parents, grandparents and teachers as it is jam-packed with advice that they’ll refer to again and again!

As a lawyer and owner of my practice, time is in very short supply. I wish I could have more time in a day to divide between my work, my family and my own self, or that time would slow down during precious moments – but time waits for no man. Since the time that Alex (Berenice’s father) gave me this guidebook (when my son had just been born), my son Orion had already turn 7 months of age. Orion just grew and grew; he was not waiting for me to dwell the celebrations of his milestones, he was already reaching for the next one.

I determined that although I cannot create more time, I could use my time effectively. This meant that I have to anticipate my son’s milestones, to prepare for his developments and build the relationship that I intend to have with him.

This is where I find Berenice’s book to be helpful… Read more…

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