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Achieve Your goals!Click Image To Visit SiteDo you sometimes wake up at 3AM feeling restless… wondering how your life has ended up how it is today?

Hello there. My name is Jill Ammon-Wexler. I’m a doctor of psychology, pioneer mind power researcher, and the personal mentor to a long list of wonderful people from around the world.

Lately I’ve found that many of the folks I work with have a common challenge — figuring out how to create personal meaning and a level of satisfaction in today’s challenging world.

As young men, they both went to the same university. Both majored in business, and both also married their college sweethearts and had two kids. But today one of them is the President of his own successful Real Estate development company … and the other is a salesman making only 26% of what the other fellow makes.

Because one of them (can you guess which one) took the time years ago to sit down for a weekend and decide exactly what he really wanted — then created a believable plan to achieve it. The other man (you know who) just sort of “took life as it came” – and got just what he failed to plan for – an OK, but not too fulfilling, life. That would be OK if he was happy. But he kept waking up at 3AM wondering…

Goal-setting alone will NEVER get you where you want to go! That’s why so many serious goal setters NEVER achieve their goals … and never will!

There’s an old fallacy about . The claim is if you write your goals down and review them often enough — you’re guaranteed . But REAL achievers will tell you goal-setting alone will NEVER get you to your goal. Period!

“Unlike dry “theory” books — this practical system… Read more…

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