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Balance YOUR Chakras - lawrencelanoff.comClick Image To Visit Site“I had the biggest, life-changing opening of my life when Lawrence pointed out a place in my belly where my energy was leaking. (Admittedly – I thought he was full of shit at first – but then, he touched it, and I could feel it!) & the way he showed up to help me heal it… all I can say is WOW!… You’ve gotta experience this guy for yourself. No new age bull shit… Real transformation at your fingertips.”

Pranic Shaman Lawrence Lanoff lead us on a guided visualization. He began by opening up a energy portal in the center of the room and slowly started to spin us all around it like small boats circling a speeding whirlpool. Ripples began to flow through my body like waves of water, first with subtlety and then more strength and consistency. Dropping into their flow states, I began to ride their cast off waves of energy, which intensifying my own internal feelings. My breath began to increase, and small electric kreas crackled across my body as I caught a particularly big wave. Suddenly the physical limits of my body dissolved, and I was one with both heaven and earth, dancing amongst the stars. As I lay on my back, my hands never physically touching my body, I began to orgasm and convulse nearly out of control, from wave after wave of energy cascading through my body. As I settled into the experience I began to experiment with moving the energy around my body with breath and intention. If it all became too much, I was able to simply reversed the flow and ground it down to earth or offer it up to the sky. This filled my mind with explosive images of light flowing out of my body, like some sort of cosmic… Read more…

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