Beat Social Anxiety – Start living your new life now.

Beat Social Anxiety - Start living your new life now.Click Image To Visit SiteFor anyone suffering from social anxiety, this book is a great read. It offers advice from a different perspective than many other anxiety books out there. I’ve personally suffered from anxiety in many forms from a early age, and I found this refreshing…

So many of the topics covered are things that I haven’t consciously thought about, but are beliefs I have had for a long time. It was great to actually read these things and feel validated, that I’m not the only with these problems. Another great thing about reading this book is that I was truly inspired for the first time in a long time.

The eBook Starting Blocks by Dirk Le Roux is a great read! Not only did it help me learn about myself, but it helped me get motivated and ready to change. As a Christian, this eBook is great because it uses spiritual basis to help the reader overcome anxiety. I would recommend this to anyone fighting with social anxiety, even if you think it’s hopeless!

It sounds weird but what you have written really just rings true to me. I love the way you used real-life examples, religion, and science all together to explain social anxiety.

As manager for a construction company, I often felt frustrated when overlooked for promotion. With my university degree, I landed a senior position in the company. Whenever it was turn to speak in meetings my voice was shaking, my heartbeat was spiking and I often got agitated.

My social anxiety was keeping me from really becoming part of a wonderful (I didn’t think that back then) group of people. I was often jealous that my sub-ordinates were more at ease at social functions than me.

My frustration got the better of me and I resigned… Read more…

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