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Clkbnk-Success-Affirmation-Deck - DejaDrewitClick Image To Visit SiteThe truth is, we all have what it takes to be successful in life and the only thing that stops us is our mind. 78 Affirmation cards that I created for anyone who wants to manifest prosperity but has a tendency of feeling hopeless, unmotivated, and has doubts. ​Affirmations are a powerful way to program your subconscious mind to attract success, give you hope, and motivate you to take action. All affirmations derived from my own formula that I have discovered from personal experience and reading many books on the Law of Attraction.

QUICK REMINDERS If you’re too busy to read and study the Law of Attraction, these cards are perfect for you. It only takes seconds to read a card daily. Empower your mind to get into the mindset of taking the necessary steps to manifest success.

FUN By shuffling and choosing a random card each day, you never know what message the Universe has in store for you. Use them alone or with other tools like Tarot, Oracle cards, or in spells.

AFFORDABLE No need to purchase expensive online courses or read dozens of books. These cards combine everything I have learned from dozens of books and personal experience.

VISUALLY INSPIRING The photographs were specifically chosen to inspire and motivate you to go after your life dreams: dream house, dream car, vacations.

FORMULA After studying what has worked and hasn’t worked in my personal life, I have applied this formula to successfully manifest anything you desire.

What is the Law of Attraction? The Law of Attraction is the Universal law that everything we think, believe, and say, manifests into our life. We attract it. Whatever we choose to focus on. If we focus on how happy we are, we will be happy. If we focus on how much… Read more…

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