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Healing Support Plans CB -Click Image To Visit SiteTake the first step to heal yourself, raise your vibration and achieve your soul purpose by joining Bill’s Free Monthly Healing Group!

"It was amazing how quick the shifts was, as soon as I order the Bill’s Rainbow Healing with Daily support my money and business started to flow and my income pick up.  It felt like it help clear any stuck and sabotaging energies that were in the way. I feel more peaceful and a certainy that all is well!  I also feel a continuous angelic presence and support. I am sleeping more sound and feeling uplifted and light in the morning. Thank You"

For instance, if you have money or financial stress, it leads to a breakdown in your motivation to work and perform…

More stress continues to build up, and we start having health problems. We may even lapse into depression.

That’s when despair sets in. You don’t know what to do to make yourself peaceful and happy.  You feel your life is standing still. You’re losing yourself, one day after another.

Each day, I transmit over twenty healing transmissions to people participating in my Daily Healing Support Program and now Rainbow Healing Membership Plan members will receive and benefit hugely from  the same transmissions without having to pay more money!

“Thank you Bill. You have offered many free healing & life changing videos on you tube. You are truly a healers’ healer and I am so grateful to have your assistance! Namaste!”

“Bill and I met at a healing workshop. Bill was different since he was so focused on finding out what energy modalities could help others. He is humble, has integrity, and actually cares for his clients.”

“I started working with Bill’s healing products back in 2006. They have helped me so… Read more…

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