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Internet Dating Tips - Dating Help - Best Dating Advice - 15 Minute Dating TipsClick Image To Visit SiteThe Women’s Dating and Relationship School is Christopher Isaacs’ home-study program of human interpersonal attraction. It is comprised of 3 initial training videos titled, “The Dating Blueprint”, plus a series of weekly video seminars with Chris and AS A BONUS: FREE access to a secret Facebook group known as the Women’s Dating and Relationship School where Chris and his coaches and the students can interact.

On signing up you will be provided The Dating Blueprint: our initial three training modules in the form of online videos that you can watch in any modern web browser.

You will need a Facebook account to access the WD&RS group, and you will need to provide us with the email address associated to your Facebook account to grant you access.

Your links will be delivered by email. Delivery will usually be immediate, but may take up to 24 hours.

This seminar is designed for women who want to attract high quality men and build themselves to be the woman their partners would never dream of leaving. It’s the opportunity to live up to your social potential. We teach women how to be the most attractive and attention-grabbing person in the room, versus being JUST physically attractive and getting attention.

The techniques you will learn are based on consistently proven methods of developing attraction. By understanding the psychology of attraction and human behavior, you can maximize your results and attract the high-quality man you’ve always deserved. Students will learn the breakdown of unique personality types of women and how each type can use their goals, their image, and their current lifestyle to ensure they’re not only attracting the type of man they want, but the perfect man for them! Custom styles for you, as well as… Read more…

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