Men After Divorce – Divorce Recovery for Men

Men After Divorce - Divorce Recovery for MenClick Image To Visit SiteDon’t Worry – You Can, and WILL Survive This Divorce and be Happy Once More in Weeks, not Years!

I know how bad you must feel right now. The anger, the pain, the sadness, the feelings of uselessness and emasculation, and if you have kids, the pain of being separated from them while having the world look down at you like you are a bad father and husband – no matter what the truth of the matter is!

This is life after divorce for men like us. I also know just how little help there seems to be in this situation as well. Even your closest friends can be of no emotional help and might even appear distant and loathe to engage you on these issues. Sometimes your entire friend network can be ripped asunder by the divorce as well making these limited points of social contact much more difficult to obtain!

Now listen, I don’t bring these things up to further depress you or make you feel bad in any way, but I did want to make sure I understand your plight because I have been there too and I have researched it myself.

The other reason is to make sure you know what you could be leaving behind. Not your marriage of course – all the fallout from the divorce I mean. At this stage you might be struggling to live day to day and just want to feel a little better than the day before.

Most men end up slowly recovering to a point where they are functional again, but have simply learned to live with regret and develop a certain bitter resentment that bubbles below the surface. You know what – I don’t want this to happen to you!

That’s right – dream. Think well beyond the… Read more…

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