Network Pickup: Guide to Picking up Women on Facebook

Network Pickup: Guide to Picking up Women on FacebookClick Image To Visit SiteNow I’m not showing you this to impress you but rather to show you that it’s possible for even the shyest most insecure guy to get girls when he knows what he’s doing.

When you over think everything you want to say when you want to talk to a woman…And it all comes out wrong?

When you feel crippled by the fear of rejection and you just can’t seem to get that first date, let alone get her into bed or become her boyfriend.

Sometimes I wondered if I had some kind of female repellent on me because it really felt like that sometimes.

My chat up lines went down like lead balloons, I found myself paralysed with fear, like a deer in the headlights when talking to a woman, and I found myself alone and frustrated on many nights with nothing but my left hand for company.

All I could see everywhere were my friends hooking up with girls, left, right and centre and I couldn’t take it anymore.

Around that time…I was out on a run one day and was finding it hard to keep on going. My legs were giving out…

With some serious effort…I managed to push past that Struggle and run farther than I have ever ran before.

At that moment…Somewhere deep in my heart, I knew I had to push past the pain and discomfort that was holding me back from meeting women and having love and sex in my life.

So I began studying everything I could find about personal development…Learning from all the greats.

So long story short…After countless hours of listening and reading self help books I started to see changes.

I started dating a lot and I loved it… Read more…

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