Social Anxiety Away – Overcome Social Anxiety Naturally

Social Anxiety Away - Overcome Social Anxiety NaturallyClick Image To Visit SiteLectures: 50 Video: 4.5 hours Language: English Includes: Lifetime access, 60 day money back guarantee! Price: $97

Social Anxiety Away is the most complete system for overcoming social anxiety because it helps you overcome social anxiety in a step-by-step fashion and minimizes chances of having major setbacks.

Your subconscious believes that social situations aren’t safe. It believes that you could get rejected or embarrassed or laughed at if you were not extra cautious. Your subconscious believes that you could get emotionally hurt.

Even though you want to get rid of your social anxiety, your subconscious doesn’t want you to succeed.

If you suddenly became socially confident, you would start doing things that could result in you getting emotionally hurt. Your subconscious doesn’t want that to happen. That’s why it’s resisting change.

That’s why it’s of vital importance that you deal with your subconscious resistance first and that’s what we do in this first step.

This is the key to overcoming social anxiety. Your social fears and negative limiting beliefs trigger your anxiety. It’s your beliefs that make you anxious.

Obviously there are many other limiting believes that can trigger you anxiety in social situations. Even thou they are negative and limiting, they still feel like the ultimate truth to you.

Creative visualization allows you to virtually put yourself in a stressful social situation in order to find remaining limiting beliefs and eliminate them before exposing yourself for real.

In this last step you will put yourself in social situations that used to make you anxious before you started this course. This is where you’ll realize that you don’t get anxious anymore because you’ve already eliminated the triggers of your anxiety in the previous steps.

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