Chakra Bliss Kit – Chakra Bliss Kit

Chakra Bliss Kit – Chakra Bliss KitClick Image To Visit SiteThey are the vehicles through which your consciousness is down-stepped from higher realms into third-dimensional reality and streamed to become manifested as form in your world

The entire “Chakra Bliss Kit” is downloadable IMMEDIATELY after purchase when you are auto-directed to the sale confirmation page which has links to download your product. All downloadable files are either PDF (ebook) or MP3 (audio).

The Chakra Bliss Meditation cleanses, balances and renews your 7 primary energy centres, aligning each one to its optimum vibrational frequency. Doing so helps to renew you on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, bringing balance and accord, opening you to experiencing and radiating more of your true wondrous self, and supporting you in integrating higher vibrations and manifesting brighter realities through your chakra vortexes.

Discover the nature and functioning of chakras with an in-depth look at the seven major human energy centres.

This includes mental, emotional and physical traits, balanced versus imbalanced functioning of your chakras, how to tell if a chakra is under- or over-active, and tips on how to support and strengthen each one.

Practical specifics such as the colour, body location, and related gland of each centre are also covered.

Discover a variety of specific exercises, techniques and meditations to clear, balance, and recharge your energy centres.

The Chakra Bliss Workbook Includes: * The Chakra Awareness Technique to become more conscious of your chakra centres, and how this alone can activate and energise these vital centres. * The Scanning Chakras exercise for an energetic overview of your chakras and their functioning. * The Chakra Breath Technique for clearing and energizing your chakra centres and ridding blocks. * The Chakra Colour Bath exercise to align your chakras to their appropriate colour frequencies and immerse yourself in liquid light. * How to ‘open and close’ your… Read more…

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