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JB College of Accredited Learning - Reiki for horses handbookClick Image To Visit SiteThe for Horses handbook is a hugely informative, easy to read handbook for all Practitioners who wish to work with horses. Written by UK based horse healer, Jan Barley who has has been a practicing Master since 2000, and has worked with horses in a professional capacity since 1995. Equine is a superb way of connecting with horses

Jan is also qualified in Quantum Touch and Shamanic . The Reiki for horses handbook brings into use some of the powerful practices from both forms of , as it guides you through the process of working with horses in a capacity. Sold Internationally for the last five years, it has been hugely successful as a resource for the budding horse healer. Formatted from the successful two day Horses clinics, it is packed full of in-depth knowledge that will arm you with everything that you will need to get started as a Horses practitioner.

The Reiki for horses handbook is entirely suitable for anyone that has a basic understanding of healing

The Reiki for horses handbook guides you to the understanding that healing horses is never just about the horse. A successful healing practitioner will have a good command of understanding human communication in order to be better able to effect positive change in the horse/human interchange.

All of this knowledge is packed into this 98 page handbook, detailing the most effective ways of working for the aspiring horse healer.

The course is delivered in PDF format. Most PC’s have Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader as standard. If you do not, then please go to www.adobe.com to download this for free

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