The Single Digit Blueprint

The Single Digit BlueprintClick Image To Visit SiteToday, I’ll teach you the ‘secret grooving technique’ Rich and I use to help our golfers become Single Digit Handicappers… and just this week we added a new Single Digit Handicapper to the family.

Before I show you how to improve your golf game, let’s do something your competition is ignoring. Let me show you how to practice so your sessions ensure …

Look, it’s not your fault you may feel overwhelmed when trying to lower your score. Heck, you might even be angry… that’s not your fault either!

Let me show you how to eliminate that overwhelmed feeling and squash anger… and teach you how to ‘think’ and plan moving forward.

Chris Henning is the creator of the Force Multiplier System which optimizes your mind, body, and skill so you improve more quickly than conventional golf lessons. He is the author of several best selling golf books and is a highly sought after speaker. Read more…

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