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Rock Climbing Training Program – Rock Climbers Training Manual

Rock Climbing Training Program - Rock Climbers Training ManualClick Image To Visit SiteWe all want to climb harder and better, but many of us struggle with how to train without investing a ton of time and energy. Most of us are weekend warriors who don’t have tons of time or energy to spare. If this sounds like you, then the Weekend Warrior Rock Climbing Training Program is for you. By using this easy to follow, step-by-step program, you will climb 2 letter grades to a number grade harder in 8 weeks or less. So, if you climb 5.9, you will be climbing 5.10. If you climb 5.11a, you will climb 5.11c to 5.12a.

The program was designed for climbers who currently climb in the 5.9 to 5.12a range, and who really want to rapidly improve their climbing ability.
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