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How To Be a Traveler Superstar – Just another WordPress siteClick Image To Visit SiteMy name is G.Walker and I’m Europe’s Honest Traveling Coach, my goal is to help you Travel more, Save more and Meet Everyone and you’re about to discover how you can do this too in just a couple of minutes.

To be honest I didn´t even wanted to share this with you but I´m going to let you in on my darkest secret.

See deep inside, every time I saw those awesome movies like American Pie, The Hangover or Project X.

Ok. I know it was expensive but hey, I wanted to be a star so that was the price to pay…and my father paid.

I was so delusional that I told my family, my “online friends” and everyone from school about it.

My mother even thought I had bulimia at some point because I didn´t wanted to eat anymore but the doctors said that was just my nervous system.

The only good thing I did was travel with my family because they actually forced me to leave the house.

As the years went by, the only good moments I had were my family’s travels around the world, other than that I lost weight but had no confidence no friends and my only skill was finding low cost travels.

When I got to college I was 19 years old and things didn’t changed. So after years of depression my family finally had enough and dared me to go on a Round the World trip.

They paid for my RTW ticket and the countries were India, Australia, Brazil and Angola. To make it interesting I’ve decided to do it with only 155,58€. I know I was crazy. But I felt I was on my own mission like in the… Read more…

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